We founded Cartoni with a lofty goal

Create healthy and durable interiors without compromising on aesthetics. We question the current status quo of the interior design. We believe design should fit, be kind, healthy, and has to have a positive impact on and fit in a broader societal context. We want to help clients learn and understand how to create genuinely healthy and durable interiors. Without ever having to compromise on aesthetics. Teach them what’s possible and available and guide them with our simple approach. Helping them get ahead. Looks good. Feels better.
Owner and founder Marijn Muller believes that it can be done. And is on a successful journey to prove it. “I love to show and share the opportunities that I see in my sustainable design world.
Ever since he grew up Marijn understood that no matter how functional a product was, it wasn’t going to last if lacked esthetics. ”I am an optimist and follow my gut feeling and tend to really dive into details, the potential usage, the heritage and the exact composition of materials. I feel it is crucial that we are open about origin, history and composition of materials.”
“But non of that is going to matter if it isn’t esthetically pleasing or if design professionals don’t know it’s available or how to apply it.” I am too commercial to be an activist, but too idealistic for business. So with Cartoni I am on a business journey to become the source for and guide to esthetic design materials that are modular and genuinely durable. And the good news is, there is no excuse anymore not to do it, and everyone is invited.”

Create awareness that there is a sustainable esthetic alternative. Helping our clients with knowledge about the new possibilities and services available using healthy components and durable materials. Make organizations curious about what good we can do for them. Create a feeling that it is easy to use good materials, look good, and feel better. We want to spark a desire to contact us to get to know more.