Power is gained by sharing
knowledge, not hoarding it!

Cartoni Design is incredibly proud of the partners we are allowed to work with, partners who have been doing business for 5 generations and partners who are absolute market leaders in their field.These partners are all experts in what they do but not always aware of the value of their residual flows, residual flows that we use with the Cartoni design team as a valuable raw material for the manufacture of our interior elements. When a waste stream has a constant quality and supply, we become enthusiastic because this means that we can convert it into a cash flow. Of course under the condition that it is a non-toxic material. If we can add value to the residual flow we will also pay for the purchase of it. So it becomes a business model for all partners which adds value and reduces waste. It has to be a scalable model to make it a success. And so it is worthwhile to invest in it.We always investigate first if the residual flow can be prevented or reduced before we start using it. You need to reduce before you can reuse or recycle. In all cases, you want to ensure that the value and quality of the raw material is kept. If we have been able to make you enthusiastic about our approach and you want to know if we can work towards a healthy future together, please leave a message so that we can contact you.