Tropische hardhouten🌳

tafels uit ons kleine landje

Amsterdam, 14 February 2020 – Verweij Houttechniek (since 1884) and Cartoni Design  are proud to announce that they are working together to convert low-value waste streams into high-quality raw materials. Tropical hardwood makes designers’ blood flow faster. The beauty, quality, strength and variety of the wood has been inspiring for centuries ” Marijn Muller (40), director of the design label, explains.

Old doors
Muller: ,, Countless doors from houses of Dutch housing associations are currently being replaced by better insulating ones. This results in lower CO2 emissions but also in a pile of old doors. Under the leadership of Verweij Houttechniek, these doors are now being dismantled by De Terugwinning. At their own pace, employees with a distance to the labor market free the hardwood from paint, nails, glazing and fittings. Our designers then make new tables and interior products from the pure meranti that emerges.

Verweij Houttechniek is a family business that has been a specialist in the manufacture of doors, windows and frames for five generations. They do this with knowledge and also with a love for wood. For years their frames and windows have been mounted in such a way that they can possibly be dismantled later. ,, As a company that works with young designers, we look with admiration at the more than 130 years of Verweij craftsmanship experience. We are proud that together we bring a solid, sustainable, but also fresh and refined product to the market. Our tables show off in boardrooms but also in interiors of trendy stylists. Tropical hardwood is the most beautiful thing there is. Especially if it comes from the Netherlands. “