The best indoor plants
for in your living room.

Plants give a boost to your interior, your health and your mood. The colour green gives peace, balance and harmony. But which plants are the best to bring into your home when it comes to air quality?

The following plants provide a much healthier living environment in your home.

Peace lilies

The spoon plant is a plant that does its best to improve the air quality in your living space. It is also a very beautiful plant to look at and it blooms beautifully with its white flowers. An ideal plant for the living room, but also for your desk in your office


Ferns are not only known for radiating health and tranquillity, they also provide clean air. Especially the curling fern is a real winner when it comes to producing clean air.


The Ficus Robusta (better known as the ‘rubber plant’) is a star in purifying the air. It converts all toxic substances into pure oxygen. In addition, the plant is very easy to care for, can survive in the shade and is resistant to insects.

Areca palm

The Areca palm has been awarded many times as the ‘best air-purifying plant’ and is therefore one of the best palms to put in your home. A nice thing is that it not only looks elegant, it also filters a lot of toxins from the air. The plant is also very easy to maintain and keeps the air moist. Ideal when the air in your house often gets dry, for example when you have a lot of heating on.


The Hedera helix (better known as Ivy) is another topper that converts harmful substances into good ones. For example, ivy removes trichloroethylene and benzene from the air, but what the plant does best is to combat the formaldehyde in your home.