A college in meranti  |  23 – 10 – 2019.

“A hardwood table, is that still possible?
a not unfriendly gentleman asked me at the Sustainable housing fair in Amsterdam. This is sustainable meranti. Our carpenters use old Dutch doors that have to be replaced by insulated and certified ones’. I then enthusiastically trotted on about the shades and characteristics of meranti, the gigantic deciduous trees in Asia that can now just stand etc etc etc. Sorry, I’m excited.

The gentleman, and his wife, who was interested, thanked me politely and went on. At the end of the day I saw them again and they bought my table. I heard the lady in her phone say, “It’s become the one of the doors”. “of that meranti-professor. “Oops,” I thought. “Cartoni has to sell tables and no lectures. We are an entrepreneur and not a teacher, Muller.” But sometimes, to be honest, it does look like this……