We take Biophilic Design one step further.Does a 'work' place have to be different from other spaces where people live?

Using Biophilic Design in your interior can reduce stress, enhance creativity and improve our well-being. We take Biophilic Design one step further. By thoroughly studying each environment and giving advice customized to your needs. If you have become interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The image of what is ‘nature’ is different for everyone. Biophilic Design is a little more than strategically-placed potted plants. This image, however, is far from reality. We don’t intend to formalize an outspoken definition of nature but we can explain what we mean by ‘nature’. We can help you by giving context to your needs and to apply biophilic design to your environment.

The relationship between individuals and their environment can be a crucial determinant of how they feel and interact with others. Designing spaces that inspire, energize and support the people who use them is therefore a global obligation. Connecting people to nature -biophilia- is an emerging field that can help organizations meet that challenge.

We cherish what we love and therefore deal with (raw) materials and people. We work with in the most responsible way to create a healthier environment. Always look at each project and situation what we think is the best application. In terms of material use and what purpose it should serve.

There are many ways and just as many opinions about this. Cartoni uses mainly the biophilic principles. Various studies have been published that show the powerful benefits for humans, their performance and health.

“The relationship between humankind and nature can be one
of respect and love rather than domination…The outcome…can be
rich, satisfying, and lastingly successful, but only if both partners
are modied by their association so as to become better adapted
to each other…With our knowledge and sense of responsibility…
we can create new environments that are ecologically sound,
aesthetically satisfying, economically rewarding”
René Dubos, The Wooing of the Earth