Our job is to create a healthy environment.

Is it possible to create a healthy environment in the city? We all know that life in the city is not good for your health. For example stop at traffic lights between city buses and cars with running engines. Have you ever realized how much volatile and toxic material you bring into your environment?

The space where you work, live and the place where you let your family grow up? The air quality of many indoor environement is worse inside than outside. Which has a very negative effect on our health and focus. But fortunately it’s not too late.

Our job is to create a healthy living environment, without negative impact on humans and animals. By using materials responsibly, we design for the future and cherish what is dear to us. We believe in preserving materials and in recycling, but we will not recycle to be recycled. Our goal is a healthy future for all of us and reusing is one way to achieve this.

We spend most of
the day indoors,
so make sure
it feels good!

Circularity is taken into account in the design phase. At the drawing board we think about what we can do with the materials. When they are not needed in its present form. 
This requires a lot of material knowledge, craftsmanship, curiosity and an incessant research into new developments. We understand that you don’t have the time for this at all. Which is why we guide you through this process!
Identify in four simple steps what the requirements are. What the plan of approach will be, and what the costs will be to create a healthy environment. In this way you are assured of maximum results and we protect you from annoying surprises afterwards. To ensure that we do not use toxic materials in the interior. We use an international established red list compiled by an American organization . We believe that you should comply with the same agreements worldwide for a global result. Whether it’s a small house or a large office. Cartoni transparently ensures that we always achieve the maximum result without losing sight of aesthetics for your environment. We have a trusted network of civil engineers, architects, interior designers and landscape architects.